School Safety

School Safety
Across the country, school safety practices are evolving. At USD 305, we have been expanding
our strategies to be more comprehensive and increase options for responding to safety
This year, all Salina USD 305 schools are implementing age appropriate A.L.I.C.E. (alert,
lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate) strategies. This proactive approach is not
step-by-step, but rather options that can be used in response to a threatening intruder. The
method moves beyond a passive lockdown-only approach. It empowers people to make
decisions that best fit an emergency.
We all share the priority of keeping our schools safe. Throughout the year, students are involved
in safety drills. You can help reinforce school safety by asking your students about what they
have practiced at school.
We also ask for your support in reminding students that if they “see something, say something”
and for you to seek information from school officials whenever there are questions or concerns
about what is happening in our schools. In turn, we are committed to providing up-to-date
information on our websites and communications when safety concerns arise.
Depending upon the situation, emergency messages are sent by text, phone and email. 
At Salina USD 305 our commitment to keeping school safe means continuous review, practice and
improvement of district and building crisis plans. If you have any questions about how A.L.I.C.E. or any
other safety drills have been practiced at your student’s school, please contact your principal. Thank you
for your support.